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Herbert Hoover was born in Iowa and became the president of the United States. I’m sure Herbert, if he could sit down next to you, would be very proud about your considering becoming an HVAC technician, going to one of the Iowa HVAC schools, and furthering the objectives of the state. An HVAC technician in Iowa, with a good, strong schooling, is somebody that can not only make a living for themselves and their family, but also can serve the state and serve the people of the state. I’m not saying the job’s easy to get, I’m not saying the job’s hard to get, but I am saying that the service you can provide as an HVAC tech in the state of Iowa is something that can serve your fellow man.

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An interesting point, too, about colleges in the area is that Cornell College is the only school in the United State which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. When you’re deciding where to practice as an HVAC technician in Iowa, keep in mind some of the funner things that are in the state. In Kalona, KALONA, you’ll find the largest Amish community that’s west of the Mississippi. You can see the dames and their culture that have settled in Elk Horn. If you want something really exciting to do, go to the bridge that crosses Lake Red Rock and try taking a walk across the bridge and look over the edge because it is the longest and the highest bridge in town.

One of my favorite things about Iowa is simply this: I love strawberries. Strawberries to me are a sign of summer coming and all the things that are best about America. If you go to Strawberry Point and look around, you may find yourself a very big strawberry because this is the place where the found the largest wild strawberry that ever grew. While you’re driving around the state looking at the different schools, make sure to check out Burlington’s Snake Alley. Ripley’s Believe it or not has actually decided that this is the crookedest street in the world.

There are many new buildings as the state’s commerce is exploding. There are also many old buildings, many of which have been around now for over a hundred years. Each of these types of buildings in an adverse state like this creates different opportunity for an HVAC tech. In the old buildings, there’s a technological challenge for trying to figure out a system that’s going to work.